Growing people and plants

Information for Participants

The involvement of participants is key to the growth of Solstice Nurseries and the participants are encouraged to take ownership of the project as they continue to achieve and develop their personal goals.

We have the capacity for between 25-30 participants for approximately 3 days per week each throughout the year.

On-going support is provided through regular review meetings and the creation of personal development plans.  We use the Mental Health ‘Recovery Star’ which is a tool for supporting and measuring change when working with adults.  It is an outcomes tool which enables the participants to measure how well they are recovering.  Click here for more information.

Solstice provides training and experience, along with core skills which are valuable in all lines of employment, the social skill and confidence of the participant is enhanced, time keeping and team working as well as more specific horticulture training and experience provide them with the personal tools to overcome their issues.

The outcome is that individuals are ready to take further steps into education, employment and/or voluntary work.  Participants are guided and encouraged to seek open employment as their skill and confidence increases.  Sometimes they discover that they are not ready and require further input or more time working with us. 

What we can offer you as a participant:

  • A Personal Plan to support individual needs
  • Regular reviews, setting achievable goals
  • An opportunity to work and learn in a supportive non-threatening environment
  • People who understand and will assist you to achieve your potential
  • Skills and experience to take with you
  • Assistance in developing confidence to take full advantage of all opportunities in life
  • Encouragement to have a healthy lifestyle

I have worked as a participant at Solstice Nurseries for four years, since January 2018.  Solstice is a social enterprise with a NHS mental health background and has really brought me forward in terms of confidence, stability, team work, communication, work skills and meeting new people.  Daily tasks mainly consist of potting, weeding and propagating plants which can be quite theraputic as well as providing consistency for workers.  We also focus on organisation skills where we apply a real structure to the nursery.  It is the desire of participants and staff to treat our work the same way you would do a fulltime job, thus harnessing attributes such as punctuality, attendance, discipline and handling tasks that come our way.  We have in the time I've been here attained college qualifications in manual handling, first aid and health and safety, giving us all a bit more variety and attainment in terms of looking at future employability or continued success with Solstice Nurseries.    RJ 2023