Growing people and plants

Our Expectations

We want all our Participants to treat a placement at Solstice as your job


This means you are expected to:


  • Turn up on time on the agreed days
  • If you are unwell or unable to come to work that day to phone and let us know
  • Treat everyone - other participants, staff and volunteers with respect
  • Follow our rules and safety procedures
  • Comply with your treatment regime and medication


To keep Solstice a calm and pleasant environment we have a zero tolerance on aggression & violence, drug or alcohol use, theft & vandalism


In return we can offer you:


  • A Personal Plan to support individual needs
  • Regular reviews and setting achievable goals
  • An opportunity to work and learn in a supportive, non-threatening environment
  • People who understand and will assist you to achieve your potential
  • Skills and experience to take with you
  • Assistance in developing confidence to take full advantage of all opportunities in life
  • Encouragement to have a healthy lifestyle