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Recovery Star

At Solstice we offer every participant the opportunity to work through the Mental Health Recovery Star.  The Recovery Star is a tool which can help you in your journey of recovery.  It helps you to work through the “Ladder of Change”

At one end of the ladder is the feeling of being stuck – of not being able to face the problem or accept help, but as we move to accepting help, we then start believing that we can make a difference in our lives. The next step is learning how to make our recovery a reality, with support and finally moving on to being more self-reliant.

Seeing the Big Picture – The Star


The Recovery Star looks at 10 areas of your life:


  1. Managing Mental Health
  2. Relationships
  3. Physical health and self-care
  4. Addictive behaviour
  5. Living Skills
  6. Responsibilities
  7. Social networks
  8. Identity and self-esteem
  9. Work
  10. Trust and Hope


For each of these areas there is a ladder to help you work out where you are on your journey for that area of your life. Once we have worked out together where you are on the journey, we mark it on the Star Chart.

You then need to think about which areas in your life you would like to start to make changes. We will support you to note down these ideas and help you work towards any changes you would like to make.


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